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About Us

6S Pharma (6S) is pioneering a unique approach to advancing the field of medicine, the startup is focused on the development of innovative healthcare solutions that address unmet patient needs. With multiple 505 (B)(2) products in the pipeline at various stages along with expanded and diversified focus on complex generic products, this early-stage startup preparing to file IND applications for two products in their portfolio and proceed to human P.O.C. studies. 

Our Value Proposition

The value proposition and innovation at 6S Pharma revolve around its dedication to transforming healthcare through unique approaches and solutions. Here are key aspects of 6S Pharma's value proposition and innovation:

Innovative Approaches

6S Pharma is committed to reshaping healthcare by adopting innovative strategies.

We excel in repurposing approved drugs, showcasing a creative and adaptive approach to addressing medical and patient needs.

Dynamic and Value-Centric Portfolio

The proficiency in repurposing approved drugs contributes to the creation of a dynamic and value-centric portfolio.

This portfolio is designed to meet the evolving needs of patients and the healthcare industry, providing solutions that add significant value.

Strategic Expansion into Complex Generics

6S strategically has expanded its focus by venturing into complex generic drugs.

This expansion positions the company for rapid revenue generation, showcasing a proactive and forward-thinking approach to business growth.

Targeting Diverse Indications

The company's portfolio, particularly the 505(b)(2) product lineup, targets diverse indications.

Each product within this portfolio addresses substantial market needs exceeding $2 billion, demonstrating a strategic alignment with high-demand areas in healthcare.

Global Marketing Strategies

6S Pharma integrates its unique and diverse portfolio with global marketing strategies.

The tailored approach to different geographical segments indicates a keen understanding of global market dynamics and a commitment to reaching diverse patient populations.

Out-Licensing Success and Future Growth

The successful out-licensing of one of the complex generic formulations showcases business acumen and collaboration.

The company's planned filing of Investigational New Drug (IND) applications for two 505(b)(2) products and the expected filing of Abbreviated New Drug Applications (ANDAs) for complex generics by the end of 2024 point toward a future marked by continued growth and revenue generation.

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